About Yoga Classes With Rhona

Yoga Hero Pose

My aim as a yoga teacher is to provide a space for people to tune in with their body, mind and inner world and encourage them to find their potential for movement, strength, flexibility and to breathe. The priority for me, is that lessons are open, relaxed and friendly and students get chance to reconnect with themselves and feel good!

The Slow Flow/Beginners’ classes give you a solid foundation in postures and simple sequences and are taught at a steady pace so that there’s time to take things in.

All Welcome classes are open to all levels but will move a little faster with options for more advanced postures if you wish to explore and develop your practice further, helping you get to grips with, and master, the more challenging poses.

In the group classes I teach Vinyasa Flow which is a sequence of postures built around sun salutation with a focus on the breath.