Class Descriptions

Group Classes:

These are friendly and accessible classes.

I teach Vinyasa flow in these classes, which is a sequence built around sun salutations, warrior poses and balancing postures with focus on connecting your breath to the movement.

The class starts with a few moments of stillness, a time to shake off any stresses from the day and focus on your breathe allowing the body and mind to calm before moving into a warm up. We then move through a flow sequence getting the heart rate up challenging your stamina, strength and flexibility.Then we take the pace down moving in to deep stretches and a time of relaxation to allow the body to absorb the benefits of the practice.

 I offer options within the postures so you can take the one which works best for you whether you are new to yoga or more experienced. Your yoga practice is personal to you so there’s no need for any feelings of competition or pressure to perform. Yoga is meant to make you feel good so come to class and feel better!

Yoga for Mums with Babies:

These classes are for Mums to get some time to focus on themselves and do as much yoga as their little one lets them. You don’t need to have done any yoga before and if you have an existing practice there are options to challenge yourself if you want to. Mats are provided and you can have your baby on the mat with you (don’t worry if they are at crawling age and wander over to your neighbour, everyone is friendly, relaxed and look out for each other!) or they can play nearby with the toys and facilities at the Playspace. The more the children spend at the classes the more comfortable and confident they become often join in with some of the poses too, Happy Baby being a favourite of course. There is a real sense of community at these classes where people can chat and connect as well as practice yoga.

Private Classes:

Private classes:

I offer private classes in the comfort of your own home or to get away from it all you can come to the quiet, calm space of my flat. If you take private yoga you can:

*Have classes to fit around your schedule, rather you you fitting around studio schedules

*Build confidence if you are new to yoga, or advance faster if you have an existing practice

*have the class in the calmness and tranquillity of your own home without wasting valuable time commuting to studios.

*Everything is provided so you don’t need to worry about anything other than bringing yourself.

*Unlike group classes open to all abilities, 1-2-1 allows us to really meet you where you’re at, at your level.

*No need to find child care if you have kids

*Ask questions and have a dialogue during the class if you want to

*Choose your focus whether it's strengthening, stretching, relaxing, balance.

*You can get hands on assistance & adjustments

I use a blend of techniques & practices from my yoga training and qualifications.