Happy Customers…

I have been going to Rhona’s classes for 3 years having never done Yoga before and it has become a highlight of my week. Rhona manages to make the classes calm and focused, without being uptight or pretentious, and always fun! Rhona has been invaluable in my yoga journey. She taught me the basics with patience and careful attention and now challenges me to always improve and push myself. Her classes are always enjoyable and provide an hour to refocus in an otherwise busy week. Rhona’s teaching feels personal to me regardless of how big the class is. She has an innate understandingly my strengths and weaknesses and gently challenges me to work on both” Caroline - Oasis Community Centre

“Rhona’s classes were particularly valuable during my pregnancy and I genuinely believe they helped me have a really positive birth experience. She was wonderful when I came back to class after having my baby and has helped me regain my strength and find some moments of calm as a slightly frazzled new parent. Rhona has really helped me improve my practice gradually over the last few years, with gentle guidance which has helped me to develop but in a way that never feels competitive or pressured. Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace.” Verity, Oasis Hub Class

“I have never stuck to any regular exercise class before but I won't make plans for a Monday if I can help it as I hate to miss a session” Rachel, Oasis Hub Group Class

“Rhona teaches yoga with care and compassion which always leaves me feeling stretched and challenged but also nurtured and peaceful - a heavenly way to spend an hour or two!” Emily, Oasis Hub Group Class

“I’ve always loved the idea of yoga, but never had the confidence to actually join a class. I first came to Rhona’s “Baby Yoga Classes” and it was from the start such a welcoming, safe, and fun environment that allowed me to ease back into exercising at a good pace after giving birth. Since then I have also joined evening classes with Rhona and have been doing 121 sessions with her for a few months now. Rhona is such an incredibly great teacher. She guides you and challenges you, is always warm, lovely, and inspiring and creates a safe and fun environment for everyone in her classes.  It does not matter what level you are at, everyone is always welcome. She is knowledgeable and has a great way of letting you focus on your body and mind and I could not have asked for a better yoga instructor to go on my yoga journey with.” Anne-Marie, Mums with Babies Class and Private Client

“One of the nicest things about Rhona’s yoga classes are that she has a wonderfully positive outlook, and is always happy and smiling.  She is also constantly encouraging and supportive through the lessons - giving great guidance and clear direction, whilst also challenging me to go that little bit further. Her knowledge of Yoga, and her own abilities seem to be incredible, although she also makes Yoga very accessible to me as a new learner. In short, Rhona is an amazing teacher, a supportive coach, and a lovely person to learn from.” Mark - Private Client

“I leave the yoga session feeling like everything is back in line" Rachel - Private Client

"After my first yoga session with Rhona I noticed I walked taller and felt looser" Simon - Private Client

"I was brand new to yoga, and started 1.1 classes with Rhona after a difficult pregnancy on the advice of my doctor to try and build my fitness back up.  The classes are tailored around me and how my body is feeling that week. Rhona is a great yoga teacher and also incredibly supportive, kind (and is real natural with kids which helps when my little girl is around) I would really recommend her to everyone" Emma, Private Client

"Rhona is the most amazing teacher - she is very knowledgeable and diligent. After a bad neck injury which left me feeling very unsure about doing any yoga or exercise in general, Rhona has really helped me to gain confidence again to safely challenge myself. Rhona is amazingly patient and also brings great tunes into the house!" Susi and Jon, Private Clients